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Tigers Eye EMF Protection Orgone Pendant - Gifts of Isis

Tigers Eye EMF Protection Orgone Pendant

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Use this strong and balancing tigers eye orgonite pendant to protect against harmful EMF and radiation and energize your body and mind 

  • Shungite is a powerful protectant against harmful EMF and protects against negative energies. 
  • Copper is used to conduct the piezoelectric properties fo the dome and generate energy upwards toward the scarab. Copper detoxifies and heals the body and magnifies the other materials in the pendant.
  • Copper spiral is an ancient symbol used throughout history to represent the ever changing journey of life 
  • Steel granules store the positive energy and act as a conductor for the piece 
  • Tigers eye encourages personal power and balances yin and yang energies and energizing the emotional body

Made with purest intentions and charged with solfeggio frequencies