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Sacred Herb Smoky Quartz Planchette - Gifts of Isis

Sacred Herb Smoky Quartz Planchette

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This handmade, one of a kind planchette was made with a mixture of hand chosen sacred protection herbs as well as smoky quartz and copper to magnify the properties of the components. 

  • Smoky Quartz dispels fear and negativity, cleanses your environment, promotes positive thoughts and actions, great for grounding and balance
  • Blessed Thistle is used for purification, protection from negative entities and will protect the wearer from evil 
  • Basil is used for protection as well as good fortune and abundance 
  • Black salt repels evil and deflects negative psychics energy attacks (bad vibes) coming your way. It is strong enough to be used to break curses and hexes.
  • Salt purifies and absorbs negative energy 
  • Copper Spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and regeneration and is used in this piece to remind the wearer of their journey in life and to know that they are protected. 
  • Copper Chips are used along with the spiral as a conductor of the energy created within the protection piece.