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Joker Orgone Skull - Gifts of Isis

Joker Orgone Skull

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Inspired by the joker, this purple and green orgone skull will protect you against harmful EMF / 5G and transmute negative energy around you into positive. 


  • Shungite is a strong protectant against EMF, protecting you from its negative affects such as; mood swings, fatigue, depression, low energy. etc. It acts ass a shield, absorbing the negative energy ands transmuting it into positive.
  • Nephrite is a form of jade. It works to transmute negative energy into positive and its energies are magnified by the orgone energy created.
  • Quartz Chips works as a piezoelectric crystal component to create the orgone energy.
  • Copper is used to conduct the metaphysical properties of the blocker and generate energy outwards. Copper detoxifies and heals the body and magnifies the nephrite.
  • Copper Spiral is an ancient symbol of growth and regeneration and is used in this piece to remind the wearer of their journey in life and to know that they are protected.