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Multi Crystal Pendant - Gifts of Isis

Multi Crystal Pendant

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  • Gold Flake Attracts honor, well, and happiness. It is widely known as a symbol of wealth and therefore is a constant reminder of the intention of the pendant. Because golds association with royalty and wealth, this precious metal helps to relieve any inferiority complex as you have that are holding you back from achieving success. 
  • Copper Chips are used along with the spiral as a conductor of the energy created within the protection piece. Makes the malachite even more powerful! 
  • Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the body and the surrounding atmosphere. Protects against radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Used as a manifestation stone because of it's green color, malachite it can used to manifest money and success. This stone will enhance your personal power and generate abundance for you. 
  • Red Jasper is a grounding stone directly related to the root chakra. It is used to enhance your sense of self, make you more confident in your abilities, and increase courage. Because it is so powerful at grounding, it can help you to set boundaries in your daily life.  To Native Americans, red jasper was known to represent the blood of the earth.
  • Turquoise was used in the 4th Dynasty in Egypt as a protection stone. It is known to work with your throat chakra to help you communicate more effectively and openly. It helps you to become clear about your life purpose because it protects you from negative influences blocking your shine. It is also known for its calming, soothing effect. 
  • Amethyst protects you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Known to activate spiritual awareness, it has been used for decades to aid in spiritual growth. With its high vibration, it can aid headaches and insomnia. Very helpful for anxiety and depression.