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Large EMF / 5G Protection Orgone Cell Phone Blockers - Gifts of Isis

Large EMF / 5G Protection Orgone Cell Phone Blockers

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Stick this large, powerful orgone generator on your phone, electronics, laptops, outlets, computer routers and more. Anywhere you need to block from emitting harmful EMF, you can put one of these. They come with a sticky back so that you can easily stick them on.


  • Quartz Chips works as a piezoelectric crystal component to create the orgone energy.
  • Copper is used to conduct the metaphysical properties of the blocker and generate energy outwards. Copper detoxifies and heals the body and magnifies the lapis.
  • Nephrite is a form of jade. It works to transmute negative energy into positive and its energies are magnified by the orgone energy created. 
  • Shungite blocks EMF and absorbs negative energies from the environment
  • Lapis Lazuli enhances creative thinking, helps to develop your spiritual awareness,, and releases tensions. With its combination of manganese and calcium, it creates a soothing effect on adrenal glands. 
  • Carnelian was one of the ancient stones mined in Egypt for its metaphysical properties. Its bright color was used to symbolize the sun energy. It brings stability to the wearer. Protects from anger, jealousy and fear. 


*everything is 100% one of a kind & handmade  with the purest intentions

*you will receive ONE